Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin lichen and old paint

I found these lichens on the railing of the 101-year-old Westham Island bridge.

Three different lichens here. Look closely for the little brown button just left and a bit below the centre.

There's a little pile of the brown buttons at the lower right.

Lichen, flaking paint, and well-aged wood.

We went to pick up some printed photos of reeds and dried pond scum today, the second trial for that batch. They turned out far too bright, the greens were too yellow, the browns weak. On my screen, they had looked right. I discussed this with the technician on duty, and he told me that my screen colours were calibrated wrong.

To my eyes, the screen looks right; the colours in that photo, on my monitor, were as we saw them in real life. But this is the third time that what I see here is not what we get in a print-out.

Can you help me? Look at the colours above; as I saw them on the bridge, and as they look on my screen, the main lichens are pumpkin-orange, with butternut squash flesh tones in the yellower places. The grey lichen in the first photo is grey, with just a hint of bluish. And the paint is aqua, about the same as one column to the right of 00FFC0 here.

The colours, as I see them, are fairly saturated; only the greys are faded out.

What do you see? How does the colour show up on your screen?


  1. the aqua on my screen is


    I too find a fairly big difference between my screen and the print shop. Admit I do not use a good one, nor do I verify colors in their check in system

    I have always felt my screen at home is accurate to the color I see in life.

    I use a Blue Max light at my computer station which is supposed to give more accurate light quality

  2. I'm not good with colors, but I agree with Upupaepops - the aqua from the 2nd and 3rd photos is more OOFFFF while the top photo is closer to the one you see.

    The gray lichen is fairly light gray, I don't notice any bluish tinge.

    Hmmmm I have never stopped to think there is a color difference between monitors. Something to think about!!!

  3. There is software you can buy that is designed to address that exact problem: screen colors not matching printed out colors. It addresses the differences between screen and printer. HIGHLY recommend.

    It'll fix it! =)

  4. I have lichen, and a tiny 'garden' of figwort on the camper shell of my truck. I have tried several times, and various ways, to get them to "move" to either my brick wall, or the nice rock pile in my yard.

    But, no.

    I found the same ones in large number living on the weathered fiberglass patio roof in the back of the house. They seem to be plastic fixated! Evolution in action?

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  6. I see in your photo paint colored about 1 Col R of 00FFFF.

    The colors I see on my monitor in my profile JPEG look very accurate.

  7. I thought I left a comment, but I don't see it so I'll try again.

    About a year ago both my husband and I were satisfied at how colors looked on our respective monitors ... then we realized how different the two monitors looked so we bought a 'Spyder' and calibrated both. I think it cost about $100 and can be used over and over again.

    The other issue is where you have your prints made. I took the same digital file to four places and couldn't believe how different the results were .... so now I always go to a camera shop where they take pride in keeping their machine calibrated. Some places have machines that compensate (i.e. 'improve') the photo for you but the machine doesn't know what a lichen should look like.

    Good luck on your quest.

  8. Great lichen photos... really impressive viewed large!

  9. Thanks, all! Your answers suggest to me that my screen renders colours just a bit on the yellowish side. That's good to know.

    I'm surprised at my photo developers; their photos turn out even yellower.

    Elva; I'll look into the Spyder. Thanks.

  10. Can't help with the technical stuff, but I do like the looks of the lichen. Perfect for this time of year. - margy


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