Monday, September 12, 2011

We haz critters: IRFD #5

Well, you have been busy, haven't you? You've flipped wet rocks, dry rocks, seashore rocks and mountainside rocks, paving stones, and the occasional log. And you've found ... let's make the list:

From the blogs, I moved on to Twitter, (hashtags #rockflip and #irfd) and there I found:

  • "... Rattan creek #rockflip. Usually there's lots of water here. #irfd" From @gjesse
  • @microecos reports "A little light rock flipping in the early PM: annelids, planarians, isopods, chilopods, slugs, snails, ants, springtails", but so far, hasn't put up a blog post. UPDATE: His post is "Flippant", but packed with goodies.
  • Jenny, with her 4- and 6-year-old daughters got wet and muddy and mosquito-bitten in a creek bed. Such fun!
  • The Science Goddess had to resort to flipping a birdbath. See What It's Like on the Inside for details.
  • CabinGirl didn't just bend the rules; she made pretzels out of one. But she found a beautiful Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar, so I'll waive the (nonexistent, anyhow) penalties.

Several of these posters added their photos to the Flickr group, as well. 

And this one; how do I categorize it? It's a blog post, but it's fiction. Or is it? You be the judge; here's Hugh's fictional character, the Interpreter, Flipping Rocks.

There will be more. Several people have mentioned their plans to flip, but haven't done a blog post yet. I'll add the links as they come in, so do check back to see them.


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