Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time to flip a few rocks

It's the middle of the night*, and people are out there flipping rocks already**. I'll have to wait a few hours, until the sun comes up.

*Here on Canada's west coast, it is.
**But it's daylight, Sunday afternoon, even, in other places.

BugGirl says it better than I could:
What better way to remember the events of 10 years ago? Take a break from the constant, disturbing images and voices in the media about 9-11. Go outside, and spend some time with your inner kid (Or an actual kid).
There are beautiful and amazing things in the world, despite the best efforts of humans. Rediscover them. Rejoice in the joy of secret complexity hidden under a rock.
If you've misplaced the instructions, as I usually do, they're here. In brief, go find a rock or two (or more), flip it over carefully, and record what you find. Replace the rock(s). Write a post on your blog about it, or load your photos to the Flickr group. Then send me the link to your post, at wanderinweeta, AT gmail DOT com.

I'll post the list of Rock Flippers in my next post, and add to it as links come in; you may copy this list to your own blogs. The Twitter hashtag is #rockflip.

(The official IRFD is today, Sunday, but if you are a schoolteacher doing this with your class, Monday is fine.)

Rocky shore, Saltery Bay

Have fun, and I'll be watching for your posts!

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  1. Great activity... I'm heading out to see what I can find. Oh, and I really like BugGirl's comments... Important to stay in touch with your inner kid!


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