Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stored sunlight

September has finally broken the spell; this hot summer is ending. The nights are cool and the maple leaves are working on their fall dye job. There are pumpkins in the supermarket - already? - and end-of-season, local fruits and veggies: peaches and prune plums, tomatoes and cukes.

At Crescent Beach this weekend, sea and sky were equally grey. We found life and colour on the shoreward side, instead.

Bindweed leaves, aging beautifully.

The last gasp of the buddleia.

Tall, prickly, tough teasels.

Goldenrod and tansy and seed capsules in the background. There are at least 5 flying insects on that one goldenrod head; only two are the same species. Can you find them?

Old man's beard (or Traveler's Joy, or ...) and dry tansy heads. The red spots in the background are rose hips.

Gone to seed. Birds love these.

And the obligatory maple leaf.

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