Thursday, September 22, 2011


On our way down the Sunshine Coast, we took a break at Pender Harbour. The last time we were there, we had only stopped long enough to check with the information booth about nearby lodging. This time we dawdled through town, exploring, until we saw a used bookstore. We can never resist one of those!

We would be browsing for a good while*, so I looked for a parking spot in heavy shade, and found it, right beside the entrance to a wetlands trail; something unexpected where the hills rush down to the sea. It was a small marshy area, half dry after a hot summer, with a board walk through the cattails. A pair of herons took off at our approach and went grumbling into the shadows at the far end; crows squabbled overhead in a tall arbutus.

And over the water, between the cattails, red and blue dragonflies zipped back and forth in the sunshine, pausing only briefly to rest on cattail leaves.

Male Western pondhawk, maybe.

Cardinal meadowhawk.

*We shopped for a good hour, and bought a bagful of books. Out-of-the-way bookstores often turn out to contain hidden treasure. This one certainly did. We'll be back! Besides, looking at the map later, I realize that we missed most of the sights of the area. There's a long, heavily indented coast bristling with boat ramps, islands and bays and marinas, a tiny lake, parks and campsites. Next time, we'll plan on spending the day.

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  1. They are lovely! I spotted a dragonfly with black wings yesterday. Too slow to capture a photo, sigh.
    Today I post of trees. Trees - our four sisters .
    Cheers from Perth!


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