Friday, September 23, 2011

Splash landing

Canada geese: elegant and dignified on land ...

On the water ...

But complete fumble-feet, coming in for a wet landing ...

They have to ruffle those feathers and flap their wings wildly to brake in the air; these are heavy birds. But then they try to land on their feet, as though they thought the water was solid ground.

They need bigger feet.


  1. Maybe the effort to fly is why they are always so grumpy.

    Nothing makes me happier when they create a line of traffic by slowly waddling across a road.

  2. Great series, I love the coming in for a landing. Great capture.

  3. That landing shot is amazing. I was saddened to see two articles this week about geese as pests that need to be controlled or eradicated. Yes, I know they can be noisy, messy and sometimes mean, but they are such beautiful birds. - Margy


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