Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunshine Coast trip, Day One

Delta to Trout Lake:

(I'm going to try to blog our wanderings in chronological order. More or less.)

We left home in Delta as soon as the morning rush hour was over, and in spite of construction hold-ups and the post-rush-rush, had time for a walk and coffee in Horseshoe Bay before our ferry arrived. The weather was perfect; sunny and warm, with a few wispy clouds here and there, and enough breeze off the water to keep us comfortable.

View from Horseshoe Bay. Marina and ferry (not ours)

Lunch on the ferry. The windows were so grimy and splotched that it was discouraging to try to watch the scenery for long. We took out books and read instead. I think that's the first time I ever did that on a ferry. (For shame, BC Ferries Corp.!) For once I was glad that the trip only takes 40 minutes.

We stopped in Roberts Creek to visit a potter's studio. (Oops! Here's my first deviation from strict chronology; we still haven't unpacked the box of goodies we bought there. More on this later. The best laid plans ... )

Next stop, Trout Lake.

Step out of the car, point, and shoot. Laurie says you can't go wrong on the Sunshine Coast.

This little duck was swimming alone, ducking into shore among the shadows. I found it hard to identify birds on this trip; the adults are molting, the youngsters are half-dressed.

A bee was poking around in the face of the rock, as if it were a flower. I don't know what he was finding there.

We followed a path across a low hill to the other end of the lake, to see the water lilies. The soil on the hill is dry between the rocks, and covered with brown evergreen needles and cones. Salal, huckleberry, and hardhack cover the sides. 

Hundreds of these spiders make their very messy webs on the salal plants.

As near as I could get to one without breaking into the web. Unidentified spider, so far.

Back to the car, and on we went. We had another ferry to catch.

To be continued ...

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