Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunset over Malaspina Strait

Sunshine Coast trip, Day One, continued:

The last 20 kilometres or so of the highway to the Earl's Cove ferry gives my arms a good workout. It snakes its way north and east, following the line of the coastal slopes, never deciding on any one direction for more than a few metres. We swing left, right, left again, right and right and right until it seems that we'll be tailgating ourselves, then left again at the last minute. Laurie mentioned seasickness. I like it; it keeps me alert.

Every so often, there's a sign; a twisty arrow, just in case we hadn't noticed the curves. Or a bent arrow, with a speed limit, usually about the speed I'm going already.

It always takes longer to travel these 20 km. than I planned.

On the ferry, the Island Sky, the windows were sparkling clean. We got a front seat with a good view over the bow, I got out the camera, and promptly fell asleep. Laurie woke me as we arrived in Saltery Bay. So much for enjoying the view!

But the view we came for was waiting for us in Powell River, at our motel, the Westview Centre. It is pasted onto the side of a steep hill; the driveway is a bit scary, and I always feel that we need chocks for our wheels when we park. I'm almost surprised to find the car still at our door in the morning. The drawing card is the sunset; this is the best place I know to see it.

I was awake for this, at least.

Looking straight down the driveway. The North Island Princess, arriving from Blubber Bay.

Straight overhead, blue sky and baby-pink clouds.

Looking over Malaspina Strait. Georgia Strait is just beyond Texada Island, directly ahead.

Turning our back on the view; the sunset in a motel window.
Next: The wharf!


  1. Sigh.... you won't get that great view today, it's raining here.

  2. Beautiful colours, my favorite is the first picture.

  3. Paul, Here, too. At least I won't have to water the gardens tonight.

  4. You stayed across the street (almost) from our condo. I just can't get over the sunsets I see from my balcony. Glad you enjoyed it. - Margy

  5. Very nice photos.



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