Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A hint of things to come

Day Two; the weather continues beautiful, and we spent an hour on the wharf, upside-down most of the time, with our heads down piling wells, taking photos of these:

Anemones, worm tube, and something tiny and orange. A lucky shot taken blind with my underwater camera.

I'll save the other underwater photos for editing on the screen at home.  But while we're upside-down, we may as well look at some boats, above the water:

The "High Maintenance, Too", out of Oregon

Unidentified, flying either the Canadian flag or the Jolly Roger.

"Our Patience". Another time-hog?
We've decided to stay another day; there's another beach we want to explore, and a second-hand bookshop, an art gallery and a pottery. I always thought of Powell River as a pause on the way to the Island, but I think I was blind.


  1. Glad you are enjoying my home town. Have you walked along Willingdon Beach Trail from the campground towards the mill? It is a historical trek with great ocean views and access. - Margy

  2. Beautiful reflections,

  3. Thanks, Margy. We'll try that.

  4. What gorgeous creature patterns you were able to capture with your camera, Susannah! And the wavy reflections are a little like a lovely watercolor painting. :)


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