Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Running longhorn. (Beetle, not cattle)

(For the next two weeks, I'll be travelling back and forth from Strathcona almost daily; posting here will probably be erratic. But varied - you never know what I'll find in Strathcona.)

This longhorn flower beetle was waiting for me at the back door in the Strathcona house.

Longhorn flower beetle: Xestoleptura, probably crassipes. On coffee table books and napkin.

I was busy at the moment, so I popped her* into a plastic bag and put her in the fridge. Several hours later, I remembered. The long chill hadn't slowed her down at all; as soon as I opened the bag, she ran out and scrambled over the books on the coffee table for a minute or two, then flew away.

I got one quick macro shot.

And a bunch of shots like this.

A better pose for her, and a more usual one; running away.

*I don't know the sex, but I don't like "it" for an animal that is aware of and interacting with my world. And "he" is over-worked.

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