Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What spider made this web?

"You never know what I'll find in Strathcona," I wrote yesterday. And then I found this:

Guerrilla knitting!

Does the web need a permit?

This was just outside the Wilder Snail. It won't catch a snail. So far, its take is a photographer or two.

(More info about guerrilla knitting, or yarn bombing, including photos here, here, and here.
Making street art “a little more warm and fuzzy.”
I found many photos of yarn graffiti here in Vancouver; here's one by knitgirl,  and a more practical one by tracylikesyou.)


  1. That's a very fancy web. I wonder if someone will knit a few flies to go into it?!

  2. The web is actually quite attractive. I also enjoyed the link about the tree sweater. The other guerilla knitting projects were somehow too ordinary.

  3. Anonymous1:24 pm

    It may have been made by a spider, but it is crochet, not knitting. Perhaps made by one of the Crochet Liberation Front, of which I am a member!

  4. Maybe it was, Anonymous. And you're right; it's crochet. At least, it's still "Yarn Bombing"!


  5. ive always considered the spider a fear of mine,,but an inspiration and teacher.
    so when i randomly came upon this pic of the crochet i made(with flagging tape i may add)
    with the appropriate title
    "what spider made this web"??
    it made me verrrrry happy!


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