Friday, June 10, 2011

How to stop a weevil in its tracks

I discovered a new trick yesterday. I found a very small weevil on my countertop, and tried to get his photo. He kept moving, and turning his back on me, changing direction if I thought I would anticipate him ... hopeless. I tempted him with strawberries, to no avail. I was going for a few grains of sugar, and saw the sugar cubes. I dampened one, just a bit, and gave it to him. Just the thing! He clambered up, checked out the corners, and settled down to load up on carbs.

"This tastes better than your old strawberries!"

Staying put.

I took all the photos I wanted. He never attempted to leave. He stayed there while I went about my business, and was still there half an hour later. And the sugar cube is easy to turn or move into better light. It makes a decent background, too; not too busy, not too white.

I'll have to try this with ants.

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  1. that's using your resources! great shots of him!


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