Sunday, May 15, 2011

With our backs to the sea

Friday was a sunny day, for a change. We went to our usual spot on Crescent Beach, but in the spirit of change, we turned our back on the water, and explored the weather-beaten logs and weedy banks at the top of the beach. So many colours and textures! So many hidden corners! Here's a sampler:

Dying blackberry leaf

Graffiti on a silvery stump

Old, rotting root wood. Looks like some tortured painting by Van Gogh.

Crane fly. I had never seen one like this, and it wouldn't stand still for even a second. I chased it all over an upturned root of a tree, and then lost it. I think it's a Tiger Crane Fly.

Wild apple or crabapple blossoms

An unidentified plant growing out of dried eelgrass on sand


I went around poking the camera into holes in stumps to see what the flash turned up. This was a spider's lair; the entrance was almost two inches across. I couldn't see a spider.

Laurie says this is a red-spined long-tailed salamander. I have my doubts. In a puddle caught by two adjacent logs.

Maple flowers. So tiny, so red!

Just a split stone, on a rotting log. The outside of the stone was nondescript; just a smooth greyish stone.

This was another hole in a stump. We could see the white slime mold, but only discovered the large cup mushroom when we looked at the photo at home.

Split stump. I like the texture, and the caterpillar-y incurled edges of green bark. The black circles are some kind of mold or lichen.


A tiny plant, blowing in the wind. I haven't identified it yet.

Another heart for Clytie.

And we were so engrossed in our pokings into cracks that we ignored the cries of a pair of eagles circling overhead. A man in the lane later told us that there's a web-cam over their nest. I looked for it on the web, and may have found it, at Hancock Wildlife. I think it's Delta #2. We'll look for it in the trees next time we visit.


  1. I was so caught up in enlarging your photos and enjoying them that I had to laugh when I saw the heart. There is a special person I know with the initials KN who is going to love this too!

  2. Nice shapes and textures. That one wood one where you mentioned vG made me think of Munch's The Scream. Feel like that wood has eyes. =) Don't you love photo processing bonuses, like that cup mushroom or some bug you were unaware of? =)

  3. I love the swirls in the wood. - Margy

  4. always cool to get another perspective~fun discoveries!


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