Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Red, white and blue accents for the garden

I picked up a few new additions to my shade garden; first, a flat of annual begonias, which always do well here, blooming until the first hard frost as long as they get a touch of sunlight every now and then. Then there are three petunias, red, yellow and strawberry; I've never grown them here, so this is an experiment. And Bacopa, which I'd never heard of, but are supposed to like moderate shade. We'll see.

Strawberry petunia.

Bacopa sutera, "Snowstorm". Likes moist soil, drapes prettily over the edges of pots.

Not a flower. These flies buzzed all over the rhododendrons. Where the sun shone on them, their backs were a brilliant blue.


  1. the fly looks like he means business. :)

  2. I love that white "snowstorm"! What fun to be adding such colors to your garden. We will be at that point soon (I hope!).

  3. I found primulas on sale at about 60% off last week so that was my flower of choice for the planters on the cabin deck. I love having a bit of colour as I look out my front door. Wayne used the tin boat to plant flower seeds in the floating stumps on our breakwater. We may get a few flower if the geese don't mow them down like last year. The stumps are like a swim up buffet table. - Margy


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