Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Heron body language

Have you ever noticed how a blue heron walks? No wonder they're skinny!

Compare these photos, taken about 3 seconds apart; everything is moving. He stands tall, drops to a horizontal stalking position, stretches forward. His neck twists, straightens, bends in a tight backwards S. Even the feather decorations (back of the head,  breast) bounce around from one photo to the next.

Stepping out smartly, self-confident and cheerful, enjoying the sunshine.

Sudden interest, concentration.

In a hurry.

Purposeful. Not wasting any time.

He can stand still for long periods, without moving a feather, when he's watching for a fish, but he makes up for it in transit.


  1. Great bird - great photos!

  2. love these guys and gals. always entertaining and beautiful!

  3. So characterful!

    I've not seen one like this in real life - I am only familiar with grey herons and, with them, it's their flight which astonishes me.



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