Monday, March 21, 2011

It's official!

Yesterday, March 20th, was the vernal equinox, the first official day of spring. We celebrated (since the sun actually shone all day) by going down to White Rock beach to see what kind of a tide the supermoon had gifted us with. It was low, but not down to the level where we start to see starfish and geoduck clams. But there were eagles and crabs and ... Here: look.

"Begin her"? (That's what it says. Click to read the sign.) 

"To the lonely sea and the sky"


Miniature tide pool atop a rock. Barnacles, periwinkle snails, seaweed.

Big barnacle mouth

Warty rockweed

Green stone, with barnacle scars

Mussel lips

Checking out a tiny creeklet

I see a face. Do you?

A community of isopods, on the underside of a stone.

Stoney happy face.

And the eagles flew far overhead, dodging crows.


  1. I totally forgot it was the equinox yesterday, but as you already saw (thanks for the link on Twitter, by the way) I too was exploring the unusual low tide here on the other end of the continent. Cool photos!

  2. Cute captures!! Lovely day!

  3. We went last night to catch sight of the full moon overlooking White Rock. Your photos do a great job of showing the richness of the local environment, Susannah! The sea has a way of leaving the most interesting life forms behind on the shore. By the look of things, it also sculptured a rugged old face in the driftwood.:)

  4. Thanks, all!

    aka Penelope,
    So you saw the face. I do, too, but Laurie (who took this photo) says he saw it on the beach, but not in the photo.

  5. Thanks for the ocean fix! =) Yup, spring is here, if only in theory...

  6. What a great series of shots--all so intimate as well as cheerful!

  7. Perhaps HER is a railway acronym? Seems to be to obvious to be a typo.

  8. Clare, that makes sense. Or rather, it's obvious, now that you've explained it. :)


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