Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trees in their bones

I love bare trees. Branches under a blanket of snow convey a hushed silence, calm sleepiness; springtime trees covered with yellow-green leaf buds whisk away the heaviness of winter; summer greenery just sings; and the fall yellows and reds bring hope; after this brief cool spell, the sun will come back.

Bare winter trees give, to me at least, the feeling of strength, of endurance, of patience; "Never fear," they say, "we have sturdy bones; we'll outlast the ice."

We took these photos at Centennial Park last week. The pond was still liquid but the wind was vicious.

Catching the wintry sun

Reflection in a puddle, with discarded leaves.


Duck pond, no ducks.


Moon across the Bay. No branches here.

Howling at the moon

Last light


  1. Really great photos. I love your blog and visit it often. Always insightful and interesting!! Thank you.

  2. I agree - WONDERFUL photos! I especially loved your Howling At the Moon shot. It's precious!

  3. Thanks!

    Spare Parts; what a contrast between this environment and yours! I love your warm, dry-country photos, too!

  4. some really artistic photos. I love the shapes of bare trees


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