Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Short winter

My hellebore plant decides the winter is over:

New flower heads sprouting.


  1. Hmmmm we are going into a bit of a cold spell up here. Mind you I heard a chickadee proclaim spring was here a while back -- I told it I thought it had it's wires crossed!

  2. We too are a bit concerned about all of the plants that think spring is here. The honeysuckles already have leaves out, and the lilacs are showing little green buds. Yikes! We're supposed to be heading into a cold snap for the next few nights, I hope our early friends make it through!

  3. Mine are coming up too! Flowers await very soon.

  4. First sign of spring - buds coming up - and in my case two burst pipes and an emergency plumber.

    Never mind

  5. And now it has snowed on top of all my sprouting plants. I noticed that the crocuses are starting, too.


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