Monday, November 01, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Every year many of the residents in our apartment block gather in the lobby to greet the neighbourhood trick-or-treaters. Someone brings coffee and tea; others bring baking (including roast chestnuts this year - they're good!).   Everyone brings candy for the kids.

And kids of all ages show up.

Polly, our oldest resident, at 87 y.o., was doorman tonight.

And here's our youngest trick-or-treater, in a witch hat and with a patch sewn on his jacket, with his mommy to help him keep the candy bag off the ground.

Superman and a pirate, I think.

Speaking eyes; the lower pair says, "Just look at all that candy!"

A young man with his head in his hands.

And there were no end of princesses and fairies, ghouls of all sorts, several supermen, a roly-poly plush pumpkin, and a teenager with just a lei around his neck, hoping that counted enough to merit a handful of chocolate bars. It did, barely.

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  1. The costumes are so creative! The doorlady doesn’t look a day over 80 with her mask on. :)


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