Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallowe'en preparations

In Tsawwassen, they're ready to greet the trick-or-treaters:

The bride looks a little ... stiff.

Skull in a window. (And I've been playing with Picnik again.)

Save the Southlands or else!

(The Southlands is a large plot of agricultural land near Centennial Beach on Boundary Bay, much used by hawks as a hunting ground. Developers want the property for a housing complex. The locals are fighting it. So far, they've managed to hold it off.)


  1. Power to the People! Just say NO to townhouses and developing agricultural land ;o) I am just discovering how good Tsawwassanites are at standing up for what they want. Some might call it complaining.........whatever - so long as it saves Southlands.

  2. Amen! NO to out of control development!!!

    I think your, er, bride isn't just stiff, she's also falling over backward just a bit? :=}

  3. Happy Halloween to you. It's such a fun holiday for everyone. - Margy

  4. Don't; I wish more of us had the gumption that Tsawwassenites have.


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