Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The strangest sky ever

Laurie has an old camera that he rarely uses. We just emptied it, and found these photos from a month ago. I've never seen anything like this!

Really strange clouds

Tentacled sky critters?

The middle range. Forest of fuzz.

And the top level. Hag's hair.

What causes this? Anyone know?


  1. Waw, amazing! I never saw it, but is wonderful.. very interesting..

  2. Those ARE interesting clouds -- D would have loved to see these -- cloud man that he was -- and would have had a name and explanation.

  3. When the page opened, I assumed you had created them yourself. Whatever caused the clouds to do this - the result is very lovely. I would have got a crick in my neck looking up.


  4. I haven't seen anything similar, very unique

  5. And I quote: "OOOoooo.... BeaUtiful..."

    WOW! That 1st shot is awesome! =)

  6. Looks like a fairly extreme case of "fall streaks" more poetically called "mare's tails" formed from falling ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.

  7. "Hag's hair" indeed. Wonderful! As to the boring name for these, could it be Cirrus duplicatus? Attempting identification is scary. Cloud taxonomy is as treacherous a terrain as any other -onomy, and just as tempting.

  8. Wow! Fantastic find, and such a beautiful sky.

  9. Neat. The first looks like sponge spicules.

  10. A friend of mine is a forecaster with Environment Canada so I knew he'd have the definitive answer. Here is his reply to me...

    Definitely cirrus clouds. Very wispy ice crystal clouds. I'd suggest a fair bit of wind as the clouds are a lot of horizontal extent.

    Cirrostratus clouds tend to be very flat looking; cirrocumulus bumpy.

    Here is a link to a cloud chart put out by NOAA in the US.


  11. Anonymous10:22 am

    Super, super cool. Interesting information from the EnvCan person too!

  12. Thanks, Clare. So ... cirrostratus, because they're flattish?

    Hugh; Sponge spicules! I knew they looked like something from the water, but I couldn't pin it down.


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