Monday, November 29, 2010

Circus of the Spineless coming up soon!

Just a reminder: today is the deadline for submitting your post for the next Circus of the Spineless.  Send them to me, at wanderinweeta AT gmail DOT com, before midnight, my time (PST).


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  1. I've been trying to work out what is involved with the circus of the spineless and can't find up to date links but I don't want to miss the deadline so I'm submitting in ignorance and in a rush . . . so it may be completely irrelevant. If so, I apologise. On the other hand, the title has pleased me because it's good to know there's another out there who finds spineless creatures of interest.

    I have a blog called Loose and Leafy

    which is generally about hedgerow plants. My recent post, which meandered off onto Sea Squirts got a less than enthusiastic response from my readers. Indeed, from most of them, there was a polite silence.

    They aren't as pretty as flowers, true, but I was excited when I found them.

    Therefore, I am entering them for your carnival. If this is terribly inappropriate - ignore the entry!

    But in case it isn't, this is the link

    Lucy Corrander


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