Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beaks full of snow

Backyard birds, last really cold day. (For now.)

Varied thrush.



Bushtits. The streaks are wet snow pelting down. Rain's a-coming!

Fox sparrow, keeping warm. No snow here.

House finch.

Squirrel eating all the yummy nuts.

And now it's raining. The snow has turned to brown mush sprinkled with fallen evergreen cones and needles, where it's not gone altogether. Back to Lower Mainland normal.


  1. That was some Arctic Front!! We are still in a freeze, but it is not nearly as deep as it was. Snowing this morning again.

    We have a few woodpeckers around still, but other birds are few and far between...even the squirrel has hidden himself away!

  2. Wow! How lucky these birds are to know where to get a bite to eat and shelter from the storm! I really like the group shot!

  3. Marion, it's almost balmy now, and there's mud everywhere. I've been watching a Bella Coola blog; -6 degrees, but sunny. The mountains are so white they hurt my eyes. I really miss the north country.

  4. Lots of activity at your feeder! We've had bushtits coming through and a couple of sparrows but nothing too exciting yet. Hoping that our regular downy woodpecker and the ruby-crowned kinglet that we had last year will return soon!


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