Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rock Flipping Day is Tomorrow!

Are you ready? I'm not. I haven't picked out my rock(s) yet; there are too many intriguing ones to decide. Come Sunday morning, though, I'll be out there, gloved and eager.

Barnacles, seaweed, and rocks. White Rock beach.

As a quick reminder, this is what all the hullabaloo is about: we go out this Sunday, and pick a good rock, or more, and turn it over to see what marvels it (or they) is/are hiding.

Here's Dave Bonta, the instigator, along with Bev Wigney, of the fun: (My additions in italic.)
Now four years old, this timeless holiday — celebrated this year on Grandparents’ Day — is fun for the whole family. Remember to wear gloves, watch for scorpions and poisonous snakes, and replace all rocks exactly the way you found them. Bring a camera, sketch pad or notebook and record your findings, then post the results to your blog and/or the official Rock-Flipping Day Flickr group. Any and all forms of documentation are welcome: still photos, video, sketches, prose, or poetry. (Don't forget music! Write a song!) Email your blog link to the coordinator, (that's me, this year): wanderinweeta [at] gmail [dot] com.
Take along a friend, family, the kids; even the littlest toddler enjoys and learns from this. Go as far as you need to, or as close as the back yard; pick a rock that fits in your hand, or one that needs tools or even machinery; wet rocks or dry rocks, "real" rocks or paving slabs; whatever inspires your curiosity.

I will collect the links, e-mail participants the list, and post it here for you to copy to your own blogs.

(For a sample of the possibilities, here's the list from last year's Flip.)

A couple of few other details:

  1. There's a Twitter hashtag for your Tweets; #rockflip. 
  2. Feel free to copy the Rock Flipping Day badge from here, or from the Flickr group, to post to your blog.
  3. Be careful out there! If you're in poisonous critter country, be aware! And always replace the rocks the way you found them; they're someone's home. (See comments at bottom of this post.)
  4. And most importantly, have fun!

Last year, the first entries came in on Saturday. I'll be watching for your posts from breakfast time on...

See you soon!

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