Friday, September 24, 2010

On balance, it's all good.

Top of the tide on White Rock beach, and a bright, sunny day, perfect for photos. A large flock of geese feeding on eelgrass clumps brought in by the tide allowed us to come right up close to them. A sailboat in the distance, a man on one of those paddle-boards (what are they really called?), waves over the rocks ... beautiful!

I took dozens of photos. Not until the end did I notice that all the time, I'd had the camera set on "Macro".

At least I got one fuzzy bee out of the lot.

Laurie caught a honeybee. Mine all flew away as soon as I focussed.

Not my day.

*I must add; that was Wednesday. Thursday, I got a blister on my right foot from shopping, didn't find what I wanted, spent money anyhow. And ended up the day with a beautiful new great-granddaughter named Willow. So all is well, very well.


  1. Rats about the camera setting!

    Contests on that new grand daughter -- didn't even know you were expecting!!!!

  2. I love the bee photo. But err … did I just hear you say new granddaughter named Willow? What a great name that conjures up so many lovely images. Congratulations to you and your family! She is sure to have lots of fun with you ... seeing the many wonders of the world in minute and interesting detail. :)

  3. I've had fantastic luck finding bees lately, and even managed to snap off a few shots I've been happy with. I'm still sorting through them, but should have a few online shortly.

    I've had fewer direct youngins, although a number of nieces and nephews have spawned recently. But congratulations; that must be very exciting.

  4. Congratulations on the new addition. I've done that with my camera setting too, it's frustrating.

  5. The bee photo is very bright and cheerful. I wish I would learn to check the settings on my camera before I start clicking, since I've had this happen to me too often to count.

    Congratulations on your new great granddaughter. What a lovely name Willow is. Hope everyone is well!


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