Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lull after the storm

The flood waters in the Bella Coola valley are subsiding. The rain has stopped. People are returning to their homes, anxious to see the damage, dreading it at the same time, reeling as the enormity of it all hits them, reaching for the shovels ...

Now the hard work of recovery begins. Removing debris and mud, repairing, rebuilding, accepting losses. Working together as a community, which makes the burden lighter.

But for tonight, everybody sleeps. Tomorrow there's mud to be moved.

And I'm exhausted, just from following the disaster from my safe distance. It's harrowing, being so far away, worrying and watching, wishing I could do something useful.

I've lots to write about. Tomorrow. Tonight, my thoughts are scattered. So I'm off to bed, too.



  1. I've been reading your posts with reference to Bella Coola. Thank you for the great coverage on one of my favourite of all places.

    Bella Coola and surrounding areas have had such a tough time these last few months, what with fires and smoke and now flooding. We live in 150 Mile; we are now cut off from Bella Coola as well.

    Thank you for your wonderful coverage...very much appreciated!!

  2. Anonymous9:55 am

    Thanks for your coverage, please keep the info coming for those of us who can't get any real news on Bella Coola.

  3. In a province used to so much rain it is sometimes hard to think about flooding as a problem. But every year communities are cut off. I remember being at the Bella Coola airport. It's hard to imagine it under water. - Margy


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