Tuesday, August 03, 2010

BC on fire!

Seen from the road near Alexis Creek:

Details later; I'm on a really slow internet connection, in Tatla Lake. And it's 2 in the morning.


  1. This looks utterly horrifying and overwhelmingly dangerous to be near. I remember my friend in Salmon Arm who had to vacate her home a few years ago as the fire near her area spread. She was lucky her house didn’t burn down. These pictures are frightening.

  2. Very scary. We were glad of rain yesterday and last night.

  3. Scary in deed! Glad you made it safely through.

    We SURE could use some rain!

  4. Wishing you safety and serenity. Fires are extremely scary when they get out of hand. I lost my dream job due to a fire like this. It's terribly sad too many people lose more than a stupid job because of a fire. Be safe. Do YOU need anything?

  5. Yes, it was scary; at one point, the fires were a stone's throw from the highway.

    One more to pass today, near Heckman Pass.

    But it rained overnight, so things should be good.

    Katie; thanks for asking. I'm fine.

  6. A rather terrifying sight, but you captured it well. I can almost feel the heat!

  7. Oh my gosh - I hope this isn't near you! For being so destructive, fires are mesmerizing aren't they?


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