Friday, June 04, 2010

Welcoming committee

Some people travel sensibly, going from point to point without side trips, and arrive fresh and ready to boogie. We don't. We took a day and a half to drive almost 200 km, from Delta to Campbell River. We arrived tired out, hungry, stiff, and with over 500 new photos in the cameras.

And we'd barely unpacked, when we bundled up and limped down to "our" beach, 102 wet, rickety steps down the cliff.

Before the rain chased us back up (102 again, going up. Ouch!), we met a few interesting crabs:

A tiny, "marbled" crab. He was hiding under that piece of sea lettuce until I pulled it away.

Laurie calls this a "Panda crab". It's probably a shore crab; their colour and pattern can be varied.About 1 cm. across the carapace.

This dark shore crab was tiny; compare to the small barnacles. Look closely; one of the legs is a transparent gold, probably a replacement.

There are two crabs here. Can you see them?

And as we hurried back, to get the cameras out of the rain, the sun came out again, and gave us this rainbow:

The pot of gold is at Oyster Bay.

We felt thoroughly welcomed.


  1. Anonymous11:19 pm

    glad you're having a good trip so far mom!

  2. Those "some people" would have missed most - maybe even all - of the delights your explorations yielded. I love it that you had 500 photographs when you arrived, and that you boogied down those steps (and back up again!), because you couldn't wait to see even more of a world most barely know exists.

  3. What a wonderful way to travel - on your own time frame. I can't wait to see even a fraction of those 500 photos - though I'm really busy lovin' on these crabs! Especially the panda bear crab. He's Adorable!


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