Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thunder River viewpoint

On the Sunshine Coast.

We'll see it tomorrow. Rain or shine.

Tomorrow's route in yellow. Two ferry crossings. The next day, in red: one ferry crossing.

And no, I'm not packed yet. That's today's job. That, and delivering my aquarium full of hermits and their friends to be babysat (babysitted? crabsat? critter-sat?).


  1. I'll be on the Friday 11:20 ferry otherwise we might have crossed paths.

  2. That would have been good! One of these days, we will.

    I'll be thinking of you and your sister these days. She'll be glad of your company, and your help. And I'm sure Mingus will make her laugh and forget some of her pain.

  3. How absolutely beautiful - I bet you can't wait!

    And my vote is for 'critter-sitter'!

    Have a safe and happy trip, lots of pictures included?

  4. Heading to my part of the world. Maybe there's be some sun on Thursday for the Sunshine Coast. - Margy


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