Sunday, June 20, 2010

Already planning the next one

We're home, and exhausted. I think we need another vacation.

Aboard the MV Island Sky, the ferry from Saltery Bay to Earl's Cove.

Halfway home. One more ferry to go.

Tonight, I must sleep. But tomorrow, I can start going through my Encyclopedia, trying to identify a squirm of worms. Oh, joy!


  1. I maintain that it's less effort to go on holiday again that it is to unpack.

  2. As wonderful as vacations are ... it's great to be back home in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Can't wait for more of your vacation photos though!!!

  3. The Island Sky is a nice new ferry, but I always wondered why they used a design that put so many cars out in the elements. Because my mom has to be near an elevator we are always under cover, but there are lots of spots up front and in the back where it would be nasty getting in and out in rainy windy weather. Did you wave at me on the way through Powell River? We have a place just above the Comox ferry terminal. - Margy

  4. Hi, Margy,
    Yes, I did wave. You must not have been looking my way at the moment.

    We stayed at the Westview Motel overnight. How close were you?

    I'll get right to work on them, then.

    You've just given me a great excuse. Let's see ... (consults ferry schedules again). :)


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