Saturday, May 22, 2010

No privacy these days. Might as well be on Facebook.

Wood ducks are shy creatures. We turned down a sheltered path on Reifel Island, surprising a gaudy male; he slid off into the water, turned a corner and disappeared before we had taken a half-dozen steps. Laurie, coming around the back way, snuck up on him and caught him floating motionless in the shadow of the bushes.

Later, from a trail like a green tunnel, where we were the ones hidden from view, we watched the action across the water:

Mr. Wood.

There's a wood duck in there somewhere.

A bit of body-building exercise. Flap, flap, flap.

Now a refreshing shower.

Shaking the water out of his coat.

Check the mirror. Everything in order? Hat on straight? Ready to go, then.

Waiting for her guy.

Dinner date, maybe.


  1. Ohmigosh, I think I'm a little embarrassed catching this young guy in his private bathing moments! These pictures are absolutely fabulous! The one with his gorgeous colors reflected in the water is superb! I'm so glad you snuck up on him and got these pictures!

  2. What great shots you captured of the wood duck doing his ritual of making himself look gorgeous for his lovely lady.

  3. Beautiful wood duck photos, nicely done! They're such handsome birds. I love their patterns (both the male & female plumage, I think, is lovely).

  4. Beautiful pics ... NOW I really miss Reifel - it was a favourite place to go when my now 16 yr old was about 5 ... his sisters were in and out of the wagon and we walked and walked and walked ... his favourite duck was "the digger duck" (the Northern Shoveler) - mine was/is the Wood Duck and the PinTail ... thanks for the walk down memory lane.


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