Friday, May 07, 2010

Artsy ducklings

We saw our first ducklings of the year yesterday, in Cougar Creek Park;

Mama, Papa, and two baby ducks.

The mother and her two little ones were in the creek, in deep shade and rippling water when we first saw them.

A circle under reflected trees.

This part of Cougar Creek is always dark, even more so when the leaves are out. The cameras couldn't cope with the lack of light, added to the confusion of ripples and reflections, and the ducklings bouncing on the water. At one point, I noticed that my camera was taking 1/10 of a second; far too long for a photo of a moving object.

And yet ... the colours were so rich, and the ducklings so cute; we clicked away, regardless. And the photos came out looking more like paintings than photography.

See; here's one in the style of Emily Carr, all dramatic swirls of green:

Another Emily:

And how about a Van Gogh; luminous colours laid on with an impasto knife?

I think this next one could be called Abstract Expressionism:

And then the ducks came out into the sunlight, and posed for a normal family photo again:

Portrait in the Realist style; see Robert Bateman.

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  1. Wow. Love the abstract pictures! Those are absolutely amazing!


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