Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where monsters dwell

When I was a kid, a stock setting for children's stories was the spooky wood; a place where strange, convoluted  trees reached out to grab the fleeing child, where roots tangled the unwary foot, where monstrous shapes lurked in the dusk.

We found that wood, today. And ventured inside.

It looked innocent enough at first ...

...but it quickly turned dark and threatening.

Dead, twisted branches reared high above our heads ...

... hiding tunnels and caves. Black windows looked down on us ...

... where unseen monsters lurked ...

Is that an eye in there?

A touch of deceptive familiarity, luring us deeper into the woods; a robin. Colourless, though, against the grey sky, and perched on bare, shapeless snags.

But what new threat is this? Godzilla? Godzilla with wings?

Some sort of prehistoric hairy mammoth, on the rampage! Hide!

I think that's the goddess Kali. Flee!

We barely escaped with our lives.

A Skywatch post.


  1. Anonymous6:03 am

    My wife says that, as a child, she would have stuck her hand (or head!) right in those scary tree-holes...I'm not so brave, I would have used a stick.

  2. Absolutely delightful post. We wandered through woods as children, in fact - very similar to your woods!

    Sometimes we were spooked. Sometimes we did the spooking to ourselves. Sometimes we found joy, and other times we just had fun.

    I really really enjoyed the winged dragon, the woolly mammoth creature and the goddess. Fantastic!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the adventure! I love those "spooky trees" too.

  4. Fall to climb, I'm not all that brave, either; I poked the camera at the openings, but otherwise kept my distance.

    Clytie, I had planned another post, about the lichens and/or birds, but then that winged dragon/Godzilla showed up, and demanded to be honoured. When Godzilla demands, you listen!

    Hi, hobbyenthusiast, I'm glad you stopped by!

    Garden Lily, I just noticed the chili chocolate on your blog. Ohhhhhh! I must try that!

  5. Scary indeed! that last shot had me ready to run.

  6. I love this post! Imagination is wonderful!

  7. your description and view of the world is just wonderful..........awesome.......


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