Monday, March 29, 2010

Liquid sunshine

I went to a baby shower in Vancouver's West End. It was showering outside, too...

Afternoon rain over Burrard Inlet.

Rainclouds. Stanley Park across the water, West Vancouver in the distance.

Whatever the weather, she's on the beach ...


  1. We are having a lot of rain here too, but the view is not nearly as beautiful as yours!!! I love the lone umbrella on the beach ... the best view in town!

  2. Liquid sunshine...I was expecting a photograph of a pint of good ale...

  3. The rain is coming down here, too...your photos make me homesick. They are just lovely.

    Indeed, Sissy is right when she says that lone umbrella on the beach has the best view in town!

  4. You definitely captured the soft gray West Coast mist that I love. And I couldn’t help but think of my Penelope Puddle character when I saw your photo of the person with an umbrella.:)


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