Monday, March 01, 2010

Golden afternoon on Semiahmoo Beach

Everybody and their dogs were watching the Olympics hockey final. Perfect timing to hit the beach! We walked a couple of miles along the Semiahmoo shore, meandering from waterline to bushes and back. We weren't in anybody's way; quite a change from the usual Sunday afternoon.

And here, with no rhyme nor reason, since our wanderings had none, is a sampler of what we saw:

Tall tree covered with glorious white blooms. Their perfume filled the street.

Crow with snack.

Over the park near the kite-eating tree, a young eagle stood guard.


Tiny snail. I think it's a topsnail.

Ulva, Sea lettuce. A ribbon-like variety.

Crows check out last night's bonfire, looking for forgotten crumbs.

Row of stacked rocks on a log. I added my contribution on the next log over.

Patterns on a driftwood log. What made knots like these?

Bubbles from incoming ripples.

Walking the dog on the railroad track. Little Campbell River outlet.

Train approaching the bridge, a few minutes later.

Mallard on Little Campbell River slough. Yes, the water was that colour. The rising tide made the ripples.

Yellowlegs, on the far shore, all by his lonesome.

Blue bunny, abandoned but not blue.

Pintail silhouetted against the afternoon light.

Laurie says this hole in a log looks like a bird silhouette. The log is used as a mini-bar; it has a sturdy bottle opener attached, and assorted beer bottle caps pounded into the wood.

Indian plum.

As we returned to the car, the celebration started; honking, hooting, tooting, "woo-hoo!"ing. We gathered that Canada had won gold. Yay! Happy crowds, with their dogs, poured onto the beach. This man was wearing a flag as a cape.

Go, Canada!

And we went home, well content.


  1. When we drove across the way for our afternoon walk, I asked D, where is everyone ... the roads were empty. Hockey Game, says he. Ah ha! (We rarely see anyone walking, especially across the way ... nice the absence of crowds).

    Yea Canada!

  2. I completely enjoyed this walk on the beach! What beautiful photos you take! I wonder at the rock pile formations on the log ... I see the bird in the bar log ... I smell the ocean air and the flowering trees ...

  3. A lovely walk along the beach Susannah. How peaceful it must have been.

    Super Crow shot and the bird below the immature Bald Eagle looks like a first year Thayer's Gull to me.

    Congrats to Canada on the hockey win.

  4. Thanks for your comments, y'all! (Not Texan, but English needs a nice, friendly plural "you".)

    Larry, First year Thayer's; I'll label it as such in my files. One of these days, I might even begin to know which is which myself.:)


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