Saturday, February 27, 2010

Half a dozen moons

Another rainy day. So I went on with my sorting and rearranging old photos. (I managed to delete over 1000 of them; how's that for self-discipline?)

I ended up the evening cleaning out the collection of skies, and found a few that I don't think I've posted before. Moon shots. Perfect for a Skywatch post!

Early-bird moon, with dying sunlight. Crescent Beach, November 2007.

Dawn moon. From our balcony, November 2008.

Moon and wires. Safeway parking lot, Surrey, June 2008.

The moon and Venus, over Strathcona. January 27, 2009. I kept going out all evening, taking more pictures until they disappeared.

Venus again, half an hour later.

Branches, Tsawwassen. March of 2009.

Three days later, March of 2009, from the balcony. With snow and orangey outdoor lighting.


  1. Great shots of the moon. It looks like you are like me, takes oodles of sky photos. I need to clear out some of mine too.

  2. Hey, good for you. 1000 photos ... way to go!!!

    I like that last moon shot and the one with all the wires.

  3. All lovely moon shoots! The last one, taken from your balcony, is gorgeous. The moon shines so strong and looks mysterious.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos of the moon. Wow. Mine never turn out. Sigh.

    PS I thought I was doing well when I deleted 200 photos ... double sigh.

  5. 1000 photos! That must have freed up some disc space.

    The context sets the mood. Love them all, but that last one is fantastic!

  6. Thanks, all!

    Clytie; 200 is good. Depends how many duds you have kept; I have far too many.


  7. Loving that last moon shot!

  8. i absolutely love the branches picture and the last picture and who could not love the last moon and venus picture!!


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