Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tree lace

Ever since I first had a camera in my hands, I've been trying to take photos of leafless trees. I love their shapes, the arrangements of branches, twigs and buds, the nests revealed in the grey light of winter. But most of the photos turn out as mere graphs of a tree; the soul has fled.

I try again, and again. Maybe someday I'll capture what I see.

These are a couple of my recent attempts. Half-way there, maybe.

Like the edge of an old-fashioned doily, the ones grandma had on her occasional tables.

Cold nest


  1. I take lots of photos of tree 'skeletons' too, especially ones with the sun or moon behind them.

  2. I too have found tree lace hard to capture in all its beauty and intricacy.

  3. I too have the same problem but I just love to stand under these trees. I guess it is like and inside joke, you had to be there. Keep trying.

  4. I just sorted through some shots I took last year of leafless trees, although I was focused more on the desolate landscape the naked trees expose on nearby wooded trails. With rare exception, I'm generally not happy with what I capture. My best (in my opinion) shots are the wide angle with virtually no zoom which is a very unnatural process for me (I really like close-ups), so it takes me a very long time to train my vision to see the big picture instead of the minute details.

    It's a fun exercise, though. I like your shots.

  5. Try getting right up to the trunk, and let your eye (lens) wander along the branch.

    Snow helps too - something to add definition to the shapes that you can see.

    Your photos are lovely - it's the pursuit of the image that's really the fun part!


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