Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can you put a name to this?

What is it?

The skin of a _____?

We found it on the Boundary Bay beach, just below the high tide line. Does that help?

How about if I step back a bit?

That should be pretty obvious.

It's art by Ol' Ma Nature, working in mixed media: black rot fungus, some of that green slime that grows on any wet wood around here in the winter, sun and salt bleached wood, in collaboration with a crew of chomping critters.

Here's the context:

Old driftwood, root end.


  1. Well said! Beauty can be found every where if you are looking. I'm glad you had your camera when you found this.

  2. That type of pattern is also known as spalting. It makes very beautiful carved objects.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks first for seeing and then for recording Ma Nature's work of art.

  4. Yes, the wood weathers so wonderfully near or in the water!

  5. Thanks, all.

    Kirk, Yes, "spalting". I had heard the word, but couldn't locate it in my dusty old memory files. Now I've got it. I think. Thanks!

  6. Very lovely - could almost be a snakeskin. It reminds me of the burr wood that wood turners so like when making bowls and carvings


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