Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had to crawl along the floor, on my elbows and in the dark. I had to shoot through a closed door. But the ambush was successful; I caught my perp, Ms. Squirrel, here, in flagrante delicto.

"Manos en la masa" Red-handed, literally, "hands in the dough." And seed on her lips.

I had laid out a little platter of bird seed drizzled with the last of my good shortening, to tempt the juncos in close enough for a photo. They never got a chance.

And the thief escaped, to continue her depredations another day.

(Laurie says he thinks she's pregnant. Could be. If so, she's forgiven; can't deny a mother-to-be her cravings!)


  1. She looks like she knows she's been caught red-handed. I love squirrels. Amazing athletes! I'm glad you forgave her:) I heard a radio interview once about a scientist who placed a camera in a squirrel box that he built, and captured amazing data about the babies' agility training. He said it was rather like a dance choreography, directed by the parents. I wish I could remember that scientist's name. (Must google.)

  2. hee hee..little rascal..caught with its mouth full!
    ok now that i have internet for a few weeks I am going back to read more of your posts that I missed..see ya..

  3. Aww! Too cute! I know you wanted Junco's and got a squirrel, (which many people consider junk,) but she's so cute!


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