Saturday, January 23, 2010

Between water and clouds

Sometimes, along our shores, there are moments when there is nothing, really, to see, yet it takes your breath away.

From the Westham Island bridge.

Same bridge.

Afternoon nap

Boundary Bay

Tree, Reifel Island

Evening clouds. Reifel Island

I don't usually like photos of me, but this one is different, somehow. Boundary Bay.

Practice session, Boundary Bay

North Shore mountains

Another Skywatch post


  1. There is poetry and truth in your title: 'between water and clouds'. Beautifully said and exactly where we are. Although at a different place than you, I also felt the soft luminosity of the day that your pictures show.

  2. Heaven is in that space, to be sure.

  3. Anonymous6:57 am

    "Nothing" is a misnomer. Just as absence itself is a presence and silence itself a sound, "nothing" is something to see. So much peace in simple vistas, uncluttered, and undemanding of our brains, giving more than they take back.

  4. Sometimes we wander at home and I can't see a picture that the camera could capture in such a way to give it justice. The beauty is there, everyday and everywhere .... yes even the dullest days of the seasons ... but sometimes it is only the heart and the mind can capture.

  5. Something about looking over such a vast distance, that, as you said, takes the breath away. Beautiful portrayals in this post. Loved to see the one of you at the centre of your universe (for that day:)

  6. Your title speaks for the photos. Perfect words for perfect pictures!

  7. Beautiful photos of a breathtaking place.

  8. Thanks, all!

    Wren, "... absence ... is a presence, silence ... a sound." Yes, so true.


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