Thursday, December 03, 2009

In Strathcona, expect the unexpected.

Post #4 of Culture Crawl, 2009 series. (#1#2, #3)

I'm still working my way through the photos of the Culture Crawl a week ago. These are details noticed along the way; in Strathcona, even the ordinary folk have quirky ideas and don't mind sharing them:

Incense sticks in a holder on the front wall of a house

Christmas lights  in a box

Buddha among the rocks

Stained-glass fish in a window

So don't bother checking.

Snake on the front steps. Not poisonous, though.

Painted pink plug

Old pushbuttons, new paint job.


Cosmic egg

Coffee and comfy chairs. At the Gem & I studio, a Crawl first-timer. Laurie bought a few stones here.

Inside the Gem & I, a worried guardian.

A pair of dogs on the street

This big white sheepdog reminded me of the garage sale dog I wished that I had bought in Campbell River. Just as bouncy, just as foolish. He was thrilled to have a friend to play with; he bounced and flopped about, grinning from ear to ear. We stood in the middle of the street and laughed out loud.


  1. Great post. I love how you captured the wonderfully quirky. :)

  2. Thanks! It's easy, in Strathcona. Quirks abound!


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