Saturday, November 07, 2009

Grey flames, a possible elephant, and mare's tails

With this iffy weather, rain one minute, sunshine the next, wild winds overhead pushing the clouds around, more rain looming on the horizon, we've been keeping our eyes on the sky this week. When it wasn't socked in, and/or raining, we took photos:

High cirrus clouds over Reifel Island Bird Sanctuary. With snow geese.

A touch of pink along the horizon.

As good as a signpost; wind's up, weather's changing.

Mass of swirling cloud.

Laurie says it looks like grey flames.

Mare's tails over Delta farmland.

Is that an elephant I see?

The moon through thick clouds.

They look green to me, like some of the storm clouds I used to watch in Oklahoma. Tornado clouds. Good thing we don't have tornados here.

A Skywatch post.



  1. I especially liked the "Grey Flames" shot and the last one of the moon through the clouds.

  2. Amazing clouds - looks like the heavens are boiling at one point.

  3. I am always amazed at the complexity of the clouds here along the coast. When I grew up in Los Angeles we had fog, smog and little else. I'm always looking up now and seeing a whole new world. - Margy

  4. Some very amazing clouds Susannah! Love the textures.

  5. super cloud photos! I hope everyone enlarges the first one to see the geese.


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