Thursday, November 05, 2009

Gardening flicker.

I had a quick errand at the Strathcona Community Gardens yesterday. I was stopped at the entrance by this flicker. It was digging holes in the loose dirt alongside the path, using its beak as a shovel.

Thigh-deep, surrounded by the still-moist dirt it has thrown out of the hole. It eventually got down deep enough for its back to line up at ground level.

A blurry photo, but I liked it because of the detail of the upper tail feathers.

I changed my plans and spent an hour or more in the gardens, wandering about and following birds. More on this tomorrow.


  1. We often see Flickers on the ground but have never noticed the burrowing. Something else to watch for!

  2. Great photograph! We've got some very nice dark-eyed juncos, spotted towhees, and white-crowned sparrows in our garden doing a lot of scratching as well. Unfortunately, they aren't posing for their pictures!

  3. I like the photos, The Flickers are cool birds and I love to see them.


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