Friday, November 20, 2009

Bella the huntress

This is Bella.

She doesn't live with me; she's a neighbour who comes to visit when it's raining and her people are at work. I let her stay a while, then send her off into the wet again. She likes to sit by the back door ...

... or at a window, watching the chickadees at the feeder ...

... occasionally licking her lips.

Better inside than out, chasing my birds and squirrels.


  1. We have a neighbor kitty as well that, for a while, greatly reduced the bird and squirrel population on our deck. Her family halted her outdoor escapades when she became more bold and was hovering around a cat-dangerous road and parking lot. But, at two in the morning a few nights ago, she came to our door howling, thus causing our indoor cats to howl, causing trauma for pretty much the whole neighborhood.

    I love cats, but they just need to be indoors...

  2. I agree about cats indoors. Bella spends far too much time fantasizing about catching my juncos.


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