Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Time flies like a moth

Time is all out of whack. The days are too short, and there are too few of them. Or conversely, the days are too long. If they were only about 12 hours each, maybe so much wouldn't happen every day, and maybe I could keep up.

This evening, a neighbour's cat was chasing moths on my lawn. She - Bella is her name - was dashing to and fro, leaping, sometimes several feet into the air, pouncing at shadows on the grass. I don't think she caught anything.

No, I didn't get a photo; I was too busy at the time, sorting photos from our vacation. I'm barely halfway through, and here it is, September already.

And scrolling through my photos, I ran across a few I'd set aside for Skywatch Friday the week before last. I feel like Bella, chasing and never catching.

Anyhow, here are the photos; a slow sunset over Boundary Bay.

Mount Baker, barely visible in the pink mist

I tried to get Mount Baker again, but all that showed up was the boundary marker, and the blue canoe.

Pink light on the water. And a boat parking lot.

Last glimpse of the sun, dropping behind Tsawwassen.

Lights of Roberts Bank between grass and sky.


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