Friday, August 07, 2009

Wallpapered rock

On the Powell River peninsula, we stopped at a viewpoint over Thunder Bay.

A peaceful scene; water and hills and sky.

The tidal currents make patterns in the water.

Ahhhh! Breathe deep, smell the evergreens, the salt water. Listen to the silence. Feel ten years younger ...

Turning back to the car, refreshed, we noticed the rock face on the opposite side of the highway. It was covered with round "flower" patterns, like a pale version of 1970s wallpaper.

Circles of crustose lichen.

Each one was different; some were grey, others pale orangey brown; some had brown fruiting bodies (apothecia), some sported pale little cups. Click on the photos to see the structures and colours in better detail.

These were also at the viewpoint, and insist on being included here:

Fern and foxglove.

Pearly everlasting. One of my favourite flowers.



  1. Howdee..
    Is the pearly everlasting the plant that smells of maple syrup when dried?
    I have found something that looks like this years back..brought it into my home and loved the smell.
    cant find it again..I see others that look like it but none with the same odor.

  2. I never noticed that pearly everlasting had any definite smell. I'll have to check next time I find some.


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