Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where the Nicomekl meets the sea

It's been a while since we visited the inner corner of Crescent Beach, adjacent to Blackie Spit. I wanted to see what was happening around the pier. Around, on, and under, really.

We found plenty to look at (in no particular order):

View from the end of the pier, looking out to sea.

"This is heavy water!"

Off in the distance, an eagle on a post.

Seaweed on rock at low tide.

Pigeon on protruding pier plank.

Gull. On post.

The pier, looking inland

Rusted out stair railing.

Light fixture.

Barnacles and mussels coat the pier supports.


Rock, with barnacles.

A couple of boys were jumping off the end of the pier. A couple more didn't dare.

"Water for my crab!"

Sailing upriver.

Bag A Clypse. That's what it says. What it means, I don't know.

What I was hoping to find (and did find), next post.


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