Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A little bit of link love

April showers; it's raining cats and dogs. And a world of other beasties, too:

GrrrlScientist has posted the latest Circus of the Spineless. I submitted one of my posts, and other people submitted three more. Grrl included them all in this Circus! Thanks, all!

The next issue of CotS will be up on May 4th. Send submissions before then to Amber Coakley at The Birder's Lounge.

Kevin posted the latest Carnival of the Blue at Deep Sea News in an abbreviated poetry format. Every line is a link, all of them interesting. The next host will be Ken, at Sea Notes. I think the appropriate address is kpeterson AT mbayaq DOT org.

Adrian, at Evolving Complexity posts a weekly list: My Sunday Best. He has included my posts three times; what a boost to my spirits that is!

I and the Bird #97 is up at Great Auk - or Greatest Auk. Or not. Pinguinus apologizes for the lack, since her co-editors (Charles Darwin and Edgar Allan Poe) faded out on her. All that's left is the (pretty substantial) ghost of a post.

The next edition of IatB will be at Biological Ramblings. Send your submissions to pagophila at gmail dot com by April 14th.

Friday Ark #237. That's 237 weekly issues! The cats and dogs are here.

Happy Face. Crescent Beach.


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