Monday, March 02, 2009

Accidental flower garden

A week ago, I noticed a reddish tinge on the branches of a "weed" tree in the ditch outside our back wall. I broke off two and put them in a vase, to see what they would do. Today, they rewarded me with these miniature spring flowers:

A very merry yellow.

The whole flower clump, pink base to waving stamens, is barely 1/2 inch long.

Same flowers, different lighting.

The previous photos were taken under my halogen desk lamp; for this one, I used a small LED flashlight, which gives a very blue light. It whitens the yellow, but shows off the pink tips of the six petals.

Buds and bugs at the tip of the branch.

I don't know what tree this is; I'll have to wait for the leaves to attempt an ID.


1 comment:

  1. Lovely flower you have there..
    I was looking for the bugs but didnt see them.
    Let us all know what it is once you ID. pretty please.


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