Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just when you get your hopes up ...

... winter is back again. I was contemplating the sprouting perennials in my garden this morning, and planning a visit to the nursery for spring blooms. Nothing doing, says the weatherperson, and orders up a winter combo; rain, wind, sleet, finally turning to snow. The worst of it, is that it's not even decent snow; slushy, soggy, drippy stuff, messy to shovel, heavy enough to bend over the little yew that I had just released from its winter bindings, and slippery underfoot, to boot. (Mumble, grumble, whine and mutter; sombody fire that weatherperson!)

On the bright side, the bushtits have discovered my suet cage!


Isn't he a cutie?

And the varied thrush was back several times today. He (she?) is still very wary; if I so much as get up from my desk, he sees the change in the light and takes off.

A few of my other suet and seed eaters:

A little sparrow.

House finch, in spring duds.

Face-off. "This is my place! My seed bucket! Go away!"

Chickadee. It was so dark by mid-afternoon that I had to use the flash.

First hydrangea leaves. Through my dusty window; it was cold and wet out there.

A few more days until March. Then it will have to be spring, and I'm getting some flowers. Whatever the weather.



  1. Love that bit of a scramble going on at your suet feeder! The one thing I will miss when spring does finally decide to stay is the fun surprises at the feeders.

  2. I've never seen so many birds at a suet feeder. Too funny.

    Ah, the stupid weather. We are deeper than ever in the snow.

  3. LOL the pin cushion was amazing...I have never seen birdies look like they are stuck to a suet cake and cant get off...until now..

  4. Now try to imagine the pincushion squirming!


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